Certified Athletic Trainers are currently working with the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard.  They can also be found at all U.S. Service Academies, with Navy Special Warfare, School of Infantry, Officer Basic Schools, Initial Entry Training/Basic Training Units, Recruiting Depots, Navy SMART Centers, Army Musculoskeletal Action Teams, and in several other areas within the military setting.

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In our current member spotlight, we hear from Ashley Ziniel at the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School.




To the Military Athletic Trainer – there is no higher honor than serving those that support and defend the constitution of the United States.  I am honored to serve side by side with you as we continue to grow and highlight the significant contributions of Athletic Trainers who serve within the military setting.  The mission of the Armed Forces Athletic Trainers Society remains – to advance, encourage, supplement and improve the profession of Athletic Training within the U.S. Armed Forces.  Military Athletic Trainers truly are force multipliers in providing expert medical care to our servicemen and women and are critical to sustaining the fighting strength of the force.  I am excited for the opportunities that await as we continue to be ambassadors for the profession.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Allen Willoughby who has served as President of AFATS for the past two years.  His steadfast leadership and passion truly inspired those around him.  Thank you for your hard work and sleepless nights in ensuring that the organization was better every day.

To our sponsors – we would not be in the position we are without your contributions and support.  Our organization is a 501c3 not-for-profit.  All contributions are used by the organization to fund scholarships, awards, and the Annual Business Meeting. 

We are encouraging all members to play an active role in the organization.  Please reach out to myself or any member of the executive committee to learn more.  Again, I am excited about the upcoming year and the growth of our profession. Thank you.

Timothy Hansen, MS, ATC, CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer / Assistant Professor of Physical Education
United States Military Academy Preparatory School


Mission Statement
The mission of the Armed Forces Athletic Trainers' Society shall be to advance, encourage, and improve the profession of athletic training by developing the common interests of its membership in order to enhance the mission readiness of warfighters within the U.S. Armed Forces.

Vision Statement

Athletic trainers are recognized as the ultimate force multiplier within the U.S. military in the provision of comprehensive warrior health care.

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